Saturday, January 31, 2009

Puteri Harbour, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Johor Bahru has a new playground in Puteri Harbour, which is a new marina located at Nusajaya. Opposite is Singapore, their live firing range or military training ground. Looks very professionally done, and going to be a sensational harbour. With architecture done by Philip Cox, maybe it is going be like Cockle Bay, Sydney Darling Harbour? Love the look of the boardwalk, made with simulated wood finish. Many rescue floats, no railings along the promenade though. It was very windy when I was there with my wife. You can hire a small cruise boat for about RM 400 for an hour of cruise, to Danga Bay and back! Lets explore..
Map here-

The Promenade nicely paved, a bit tight on space, look at the full size Royal Palm so close to the edge. Would be better maybe another 10 meter set back for more activity space.

Model of the Master Plan for the Area. On the right is the proposed private marina, with high rise residential buildings. Should be an amazing place to live in future. Understand from the brochure, DAMAG Properties, a subsidiary of DAMAG Holdings, which is headquartered in Dubai is developing some of the commercial lots. The long low structure is probably for handling large cruise ships. Further inside is the public marina. Just the harbour and public clubhouse building is finished. Lots of earth works around, construction on the private marina is still on going, with very large and deep excavation with retaining structure being constructed.
Cox's architecture has silimarity with Cockle Bay Wharf. Look at the use of metal and wood, and angled sun shade feature. However, it is somewhat small scale and less detailed.

Looking up.

Across the Marina, the new Johor Administration HQ, not occupied yet. Designed has some Moorish architype, I think with referal to the grand old building in Johor Bahru.

Some other buildings, which I don't know what they are for, maybe for supporting the main administration complex. There were designed mirrored, several planned on the model, four buildings built I think. Trellis looks tacky, but meant to provide some shade from the sun. The trellis goes up all the way across the roof. From a distance, looks like pitched roof buildings. Some night shots -

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